When chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen rose to #1 in fantasy football rankings, people started drawing parallels between fantasy sports and chess. It turns out, there are a few similarities between the two. I’ll go over two of the important ones in this article -

I remember studying the Monty Hall problem when I was preparing for my Probability & Statistics final. When studying the math behind it, and reading the proof, it made sense. However, a few days later when I thought about it on the bus back to my apartment, it just didn’t…

Of all scales in music, the Double Harmonic Major Scale is said to be the ‘darkest’ of them all. The gaps in the notes of this scale give it a very sharp, distinct sound.

Growing up learning Indian classical vocal music and the guitar, I was always fascinated with the…

Atharva Phulambrikar

Software Engineer at Roblox, UT Dallas Computer Science Class of 2021. https://atharvap.me

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